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Orthodontic education for general dentists

MODULE 1 - Basic and Applied Biomedical Sciences. Topics include:

Anatomical Sciences / Anatomical Landmarks of the Skull  

Biochemistry / Physiology / Bone Biology and Histology 

Developmental Anatomy / Developmental Disturbances / Genetic Disorders 

Growth and Development   

Microbiology / Immunology / Infection Control / Pathology  

MODULE 2 - Clinical Sciences "A". Topics include:


Temporomandibular Disorders  

Radiography / Photography  

Cephalometrics / Computer Techniques / Anatomical Landmarks of the Lateral and

Frontal Cephalogram


MODULE 3 - Clinical Sciences "B". Topics include:

Orthodontic Materials / Physical Principles / Orthodontic Techniques and Appliances   

Orthopedics / Biomechanics 

Orthodontic Diagnosis / Case Analysis / Treatment Planning  

Orthodontics / Oral Surgery / Periodontics / Endodontics  

Orthodontics / Restorative Dentistry / Implantology   

MODULE 4  Clinical Sciences "C". Topics include:

Patient Analysis    

MODULE 5 Clinical Sciences "D". Topics include:

Interceptive treatment/ Goal/ Method

MODULE 6 Clinical Sciences "E". Topics include:

Complete treatment 1

MODULE 7 Clinical Sciences "F". Topics include:

Complete treatment 2

MODULE 8 Clinical Sciences "G". Topics include:

Lingual braces

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